14K Gold vs. Platinum

Lauren Imhoff
Lauren Imhoff
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Which is best: 14K Gold or Platinum?

Truthfully, you can't go wrong! Both metals are high quality, with a similar appearance. However, there are some key factors to consider when making your decision.


Price and Durability

Platinum does command a higher price than white gold, due to the rarity of the metal, as well as how durable and hard it is. In contrast, gold is naturally a soft metal, and requires several other metal alloys to ensure the durability of a gold ring.



A platinum ring is made almost entirely of platinum, and will result in a heavier weight to the ring. This also explains the higher price-tag for platinum.


If you have an active lifestyle, platinum is recommended, as it requires less maintenance, as well as stands up a bit more to the everyday wear and tear!



Overtime, your ring will show some dings and dents, regardless of your choice of platinum or white gold- it is just the nature of wearing it everyday! We always recommend sending your rings back to us once a year to examine all the diamond settings and prongs, as well as give it a deep clean and polish. Kind of like a car tune-up!

For platinum rings, it stops there. But white gold does require an extra step. Since gold is naturally a yellow metal, we add rhodium to the outside of the ring, to give it that bright, white shine. Rhodium is very similar to gold, but does need to be added back over time. You might notice that slowly your white gold ring starts to look slightly yellow - and this is a sign that it is time for a service! 


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