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Keeping Your Rings Clean

All rings definitely need a little TLC to keep that gorgeous sparkle! You can always purchase a full deep-cleaning, polishing, stone check/tighten service here. This is especially great if your rings are white gold.

We also recommend an at-home remedy of mixing warm water and a little dish soap, and with an old toothbrush you can gently brush around the stones and prongs. For this option, take care to be extra gentle, and ensure that if you are over a sink that the drain is plugged in case you drop your ring during cleaning.

Should I take my jewelry off before bed?

While it is a personal preference to do so, we generally recommend all jewelry be removed before sleeping. This is due to the chance that prongs can snag and loosen (causing diamond loss), the structure of the ring becoming deformed, or the ring harming you or your partner!

Why did my white gold ring turn yellow?

As gold is naturally yellow and very soft when it comes out of the ground, we blend the gold with white metals such as nickel, palladium or manganese to give it the white, silvery appearance. However, that natural yellow gold color always wants to shine through! Over time, you may notice your white gold will start to fade back into yellow, meaning the other white metals have worn off. This can happen quickly or slowly, depending on your skin chemistry and it simply means that the white metals need to be added back on through a process called Rhodium Plating. If you start to notice your white gold ring is fading to yellow, you can purchase a full cleaning/plating service here! 

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